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We are born in Hong Kong and a native of Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong and my local culture. I agree that Cantonese must be Hong Kong's mother tongue, support the protection of Hong Kong's core values, and decline the inferior culture. Since Hong Kong 97, weird things happened, cultural imbalances, people are mentally disturbed, worst cultural invasion and social and cultural level have plummeted... After more than 30 years of audio-visual culture washing and ruining, not many people still know how to enjoy audio-visual books, and lovers who know how to enjoy must buy physical CDs. , DVD, Blu-ray, books..... Live Streaming and other ready-to-eat cultures must not replace physical products, because physical products are essential elements of audio-visual book culture.  Support your favorite artists, buy the physical copy and collect! To protect our core culture! This industry will not be disappeared!

We have more than 25 years experience in Hong Kong + overseas audio and video, i including store, wholesale, copyright licensing, big and small record company managers and total buyers, Europe, Japan, Japan and South Korea global purchasing, based on my own operation of the local recording industry, including international singing The management of the company is not good, the large chain stores do not understand the operation of the audio-visual industry, unreasonably high local rents. In the 20th century, we decided to fully enter the online sales. With our expertise in the industry, we will promote products with higher taste and higher quality. We believe that the industry still has something to do, but now customers are asking for more professional services.

We love music. It is the thread that binds moments and memories, marking special milestones in our lives. And we believe that nothing can replace the feeling of owning and touching the physical product that your favorite musicians have created for your enjoyment.
We are one of the local largest music and vinyl wholesalers with over 10,000 titles in stock. We specialize in both bulk and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. 

Genuine goods guarantee
We are a Hong Kong store, no introduction version, no piracy, all goods in this store are guaranteed 100% original goods!!! Please rest assured to buy! High imitation version of the burning version free of questions! Love music 丶 movies and books, please support genuine and declined illegal downloads, special emphasis on intellectual property!

Welcome to buy, fans club, wholesale cooperation, Hong Kong and overseas music license
Welcome to buy, fans club, wholesale order, rush sales list.
It can be ordered in large quantities and authorized by copyright!

Joining dropshipping service
You sell, we ship on behalf of, easy, dropshipping service (generation service) welcome to inquire.

Hong Kong customers can use the Internet (Paypal, Payoneer, American Express, Apple Pay, Diner Club, Discover, JCB, Master, Union Pay, Visa* for 5%), Apps (Jetco Pay, Octopus, TNG, Tap & Go, Pay Me, Alipay HK, Wechat Pay), bank deposits (HSBC, Hang Seng or Bank of China), Transfers (FPS) for payment, or Hong Kong Jockey Club deposits.

For overseas customers, overseas customers can use Paypal and Payoneer (requires 5% charge)

*Fast turn (FPS)
Security - System specified under the Payment System and Stored Value Payment Instruments Regulations
24-hour real-time retail payment service
Different currencies, including Hong Kong dollar and Renminbi
Payments can be made across banks and cross-valued payment instruments
Simply enter the payee's mobile number or email address and replace the account number to make a payment.
Electronic direct debit authorization

*If you have a bank deposit or transfer, please send us the bank-in slip for proven

Shipping, ordering and delivery
Our products, not necessarily in stock, please ask the status first, generally need to order from Hong Kong or abroad, the ordering period is 1~2 weeks. Special circumstances such as holidays will be postponed. Most of our records need to be purchased directly from Hong Kong or foreign countries. Some of them do not have a spot transfer time of one to two weeks (several records may be slower due to foreign inventory, transportation, etc.), please don't remind me every day (some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder) Shoot), buyers who can't wait, please don't take it casually, please forgive me!

All goods are ordered through regular channels, all of which are included in local sales! Since there are thousands of products around the world, we can't list them all. If you want to find anything, please let us know, we will try our best to find it for you, thank you for your support! CD/DVD Most of the /BLURAY can be ordered, please contact me.

We will ensure that there are no problems before delivery. The goods are sent to the logistics company. Before the receipt of the goods, please confirm whether the outer packaging is in good condition and then confirm the receipt. If the goods are found to be seriously damaged during the inspection, please let the courier return directly. Contact us in time, we will communicate for the courier company and win the buyer's interests for the customer. If there is any damage that can be judged by the outer packaging, please reject the goods. After the receipt, the default items are in good condition and meet the buyer's requirements. The shop will not be responsible for the objection and do not open the package. If you have signed the goods, there is no problem. Please forgive me!

If you have a problem with your friend or family member, if you find any quality problems, we will not make any refund or replacement!

Perfectionists, bone pickers, and nitpickers don't buy!

*Products can be courier/sent to anywhere in the world, calculated according to Hongkong Post or international courier charges* Welcome!

All goods are delivered to the customer's office or to the receiving station by courier or by post. There is no express delivery for Saturday, Sunday and Hong Kong public holidays.
Due to the wide variety of goods, the flow is fast. The goods on the shelves are not guaranteed to be 100% complete. If the goods are out of stock or out of stock, we will replenish the goods as soon as possible and issue them. If there is any situation that cannot be replenished in time, we will notify you within 24 hours by email! Therefore, the inconvenience caused, please forgive the buyers.

*Hong Kong local buyers*
(The product already includes postage, delivered by Hongkong Post, or SF Express. There will be payment for the home in the remote area, the company will notify the buyer)

1) You can use Hongkong Post (send to the address provided) or choose one of the post offices in Hong Kong and the "Trading Station" service. 2) SF Express at Shun Fung Pickup / SF The smart cabinet picks up the goods (if the SF is sent to the door, if the address is for a local residence in Hong Kong, the door will be charged HK$20 per ticket; or if the address is in a remote area of Hong Kong, the door will be sent to the door.) Another charge of HK$30)

SF self-acquisition station / SF smart cabinet

Hongkong Post Mailing Number (MCN) - Self-selected post office counters and "Personal Post" service

You only need to apply for a mailing number (MCN) on the "Send Easy" online platform, you can choose to pick up the mail at the designated self-services counter "Smart Mail Station" and / or the post office. This service does not require additional toll.

*Mainland buyers*
All customers must provide a picture of the national ID card (national requirements law)
*All products prohibited by the mainland cannot be sent to the mainland

Terms and conditions
1. The first weight is less than 1kg, which is charged at 1kg, and the weight is less than 0.5kg.
2. The above service is exempt from fuel surcharges. SF Express reserves the right to impose a fuel surcharge without prior notice.
3. The above statute of limitations is for reference only, SF Express will not be liable for any delay in delivery.

Delivery time
About 6-8 days

Service area
Hong Kong or Macau → Mainland China

National price

The first kg is HKD58, and the weight is continued (every 0.5kg) HKD10.
*The above price has been exempted from the fuel surcharge

Substance standard
Size limit: 200cm x 80cm x 70cm or less
Mainland China Customs requires legal individuals to mail items into the country for personal use (eg, personal use items such as clothes, handbags, watches, etc.)
*Overseas buyers*
All products are sent directly from Hong Kong. The postage varies depending on the weight and region. For details, please contact us. (Note that we are not sending to Africa!!!)

cancel the order
Please confirm that you really want to buy before placing an order. Cannot cancel after the order is placed. In the middle of the ordering process, cancellation is not allowed. Please do not waste each other's time. Unless there are special reasons, we must obtain our approval, or the supplier can not supply, because too many unreasonable cancellations, resulting in our cancellation rate is very high, affecting our rating.

Because too many untrustworthy, we do not accept oral orders. All products are subject to actual payment!

Once you have booked and pre-ordered goods, you will not receive a refund for any reason! If a product is out of stock or out of stock. We will take the initiative to inform the buyer to make a full refund after the replacement, the store will not bear any responsibility! If you disagree The place. Do not buy in this store, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble! Thank you for your understanding!

Do not accept any return and exchange requirements based on non-human factors such as poor clarity and poor performance. The quality of genuine is determined by the production of the genuine issuing company. It is not caused by the store. It will not be returned. Please buy Think before you take it again.

If there is a problem with the goods, we only accept the same product exchange, all returned products, all contents must be returned, if there is any lack, will not be returned. Please consider before buying. I hope everyone understands.
Exchange postage needs to be paid by the buyer, we will not be responsible! (General exchange rate is very low, genuine goods have high quality)

Please consider giving us a good evaluation, your encouragement will be our driving force!
*If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us. Your comments will improve the quality of our services. We are willing to listen to your valuable opinions. Unexpected things sometimes happen. We can communicate, negotiate and solve problems in advance.

Pre-order and limited edition
Pre-order and limited edition, buyers please pre-arrange orders, otherwise there is no guarantee of goods, but due to the geographical environment of Hong Kong, shopping paradise, free trade, even if the record company can not provide goods, that is, the supplier is out of stock, we can still go The home can buy, but the price may be higher than the original pre-purchase price. We will inform the buyer proactively. If they do not accept the new price, we will issue a full refund. This is not to raise the price. I just want to ensure that the goods are sold to the buyer. There is no deceptive ingredient, we will not force the buyer to buy, and take the initiative to propose a refund hope that the buyer can understand!

Super subscription service
Superorder service, can be customized for any European, American, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese audio and video products. Any music category includes Chinese, English, Japanese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, classical, alternative music, etc. .... Official entrance T-shirts, posters, etc., welcome to inquire!

Since there are thousands of products all over the world, we can't list them all. If you want to find anything, please let us know, we will try our best to find it for you, thank you for your support! All products not listed That is, any audio and video products ordered by a large company can also be ordered for customers. We will quote first. If you want to order, I will open a new one on the auction website after receiving the confirmation from the guests. This can protect the interests of both parties!

Before ordering, we will inform you of the approximate arrival time according to the actual situation of the goods ordered. Once you have booked and pre-ordered goods, you will not receive a refund for any reason! If a product is out of stock or out of stock. We will take the initiative to inform the buyer to make a full refund after the replacement, the store will not bear any responsibility! If you disagree The place. Do not buy in this store, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble! Thank you for your understanding!

*All products are ordered, must be paid first, do not accept verbal promises, too much to open the river, do not comply with the promise, let us lose more than 10,000 yuan, if the goods can not be ordered, we will give a full refund to the buyer, please note!

Blu-ray and DVD area code
Blu-ray & DVD discs have a designated area code to restrict the region or country in which they can be played. Blu-ray & DVD players sold in the market may also only play Blu-ray & DVD discs with the specified area code. However, some Blu-ray & DVD discs do not have a zone code limit (i.e. full-area disc), which can be played on all Blu-ray & DVD players.

The area code classification of Blu-ray discs:
Region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia.
Region B: Europe, Greenland, French territory, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand.
Region C: India, Nepal, China, Russia, Central Asia and South Asia.
Region All: No zone code can be played on all regional or national Blu-ray players.

The area code classification of DVD discs:
Region 1: United States, Canada, United States Jurisdiction and Bermuda
Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt).
Region 3: Southeast Asia, East Asia (including Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea, etc.).
Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean
Region 5: Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union), Indian India, Africa, North Korea and Mongolia
Region 6: Mainland China
Region All: No zone code can be played on DVD players in all regions or countries.

*Please note that DVD players cannot play Blu-ray discs, not software problems, hardware problems: (Our company has described it very clearly, if you buy the wrong format, we will not be responsible and refund, any questions, please Ask at any time before purchasing)

Slotted dish / forged / high imitation
We guarantee to only sell: new and original CD/DVD/Bluray in foreign languages, we will never sell any unknown, swearing/falsification/high imitation.
Please support genuine and decline illegal downloads, specialize in intellectual property!

Speaking disc: Generally speaking, it means dumping discs that other countries dump, unwanted rubbish from junkyards (foreign rubbish), searching for these discs, and returning them to the market for sale. It is illegal to sell them. All of these discs are not authorized for resale by the record companies and must be destroyed. These discs are full of bacteria, and the garbage is mixed with animal carcasses, manure, industrial dips and so on. Because they mixed the garbage dish with other garbage, the case was infected with bacteria causing death or infection. * Most of the domestic stores sell their mouths, they don't tell customers that most of the goods are from foreign garbage. * Now most of the Western CD/DVDs sold by Taobao are foreign garbage imitation and piracy, even Hong Kong Yahoo, some Some people sell these products on the auction network.

Due to the high cost of transportation in Hong Kong, after deducting various expenses, the profit is meager, and the audio-visual industry is less profitable, and will not accept any form of bargaining; if there is a temporary out-of-stock phenomenon, it will be returned in full, thank you for your cooperation! The shop sells the price is the clear price, do not bargain, I will not answer any questions about the bargaining, thank you for forgiveness! (except bulk order and group purchase)

Prices may sometimes differ from the prices we list, because the price of the supplier changes, because there are too many products, sometimes we forget that it is too late to modify the price. If this happens, we will inform the customer that the customer has the right to cancel or To apply for a refund, there is absolutely no deception.

If you do not agree to be bound by this disclaimer, you should not use the services provided on this website. Once the bid has been made, it will be legally effective in accordance with the terms of the contract.
If there is any typographical error or any inaccurate information in the online store, you are not responsible for it. Each supplier may change the products, discounts and prices on this website at any time without prior notice.
The content of this online store. Suppliers are not responsible for any situation or loss caused by any use, misuse or reliance on this website or its contents.

contact us
You can call us from Monday to Sunday (9 am to 12 pm). Please contact us or take the required items and leave a message. You will reply as soon as possible after going online.

Based on my work in the daytime, I may not be able to respond to you immediately, please leave a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible, please forgive me! Not a bad service!

Support Hong Kong audio and video industry, buy Hong Kong version! Hong Kong audio and video books culture industry will not die!

Other versions and quantities can be ordered. Please contact us for details. If you are interested, you can also visit our own website @ 852 Entertainment
You can contact us @64651195 (all questions about product and order issues), only WhatsApp answers, please note that all transactions must be through this auction site to protect the rights of both parties! (*updated at 17 July 2019)