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Jolin Tsai Ugly Beauty (Deluxe Edition) CD 2019

Jolin Tsai Ugly Beauty (Deluxe Edition) CD 2019

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Break the secular standards of aesthetics 
inclusive worlds of evil and good 
Jolin JOLIN Asian pop diva's latest album BEAUTY UGLY 
11 Shou explore the mind question and answer 
most honest and intimate musical diary of 

the most honest Jolin! "I thought I didn't do 100 points and I was nothing." The most
experimental Jolin! Experiment with a variety of different styles, loyal to the intuition of music, and destroy yourself 11 new songs. 

Following the 2014 "呸" "PLAY" set off the global topic and create a classic model of Chinese pop music, Asian pop queen Jolin Jolin Tsai broke the music scene. The four-year new album "UGLY BEAUTY" finally debuted in December! The last album explores various superficial phenomena in the society from his own point of view. This time, the new works return to the inner level. From the process of self-answering self-answer and self-exploration, Jolin finds that he is facing up and embracing his dark and ugly face. The feedback is beautiful! Jolin explores the "feeling" and "view" of human beings through the "emotion" and "desire" of the theme "UGLY BEAUTY", breaking the secular dichotomy between beauty and ugliness and redefining it!

In the past two years, Jolin, who is interested in psychology, began to dig into the inner world and explore himself through the book of psychologist Jung. Jolin said: "I used to do a hundred percent, I will blame myself, I think I It is a person who is not worth mentioning." And this groping process unexpectedly found that Jolin, who always wanted to test a hundred percent and proved himself "I can", always ignored the inner negative power and forgot how to love himself; Through this excavation process, I think that the theme of "UGLY BEAUTY" is a new album. Jolin said: "The face of UGLY for me is a part of emotion. When you start to face it, the feedback is Very beautiful, more love and empathy, you will know very well about your own decision to do this, it is not easy to criticize yourself and criticize others!" The birth of the new album Jolin through continuous discussion, Knowing myself, the album production process has undergone many times of "removing and rehearsing". The new album has a complete record and presents Jolin’s journey of "knowing oneself", "sense" and "view". Jolin singing career is the most "honest" album! 

Why is the album named "UGLY BEAUTY"? The so-called UGLY BEAUTY actually refers not only to the beauty and ugliness of appearance, but also to the two poles of inner psychological level: good and evil / good and bad / crying and laughing / happy and sad / dark and bright / fragile and strong / Correct and incorrect.., and the so-called evil, refers to the emotional traits that are often our own dislike: jealousy, anger, inferiority, fragility, dissatisfaction, etc., because they know that they do not meet the ideal aesthetic So I don’t look at it in the dark room, but because I have deliberately ignored them for a long time, they will always commit crimes in a variety of different ways, so they have self-harm, inexplicable frustration, negative, aggressive, angry Conceited, conceited, bullied, and so on, what Jolin wants to say is: Only open the atrium, to know the inner dark side, to identify them, when they are transformed into a variety of different appearances in daily life. Only then can you identify their prototypes and slowly become able to not be swallowed up by these negative forces and learn to get along with them and understand their appearance and necessity. And the empathy is to understand these so-called evil styles. The next time you see them in others, you can understand and treat each other, maybe it is less vulnerable!

The most created Jolin! The new self-organized music writing camp participated in the new creation. The 
four-year production period spanned from Europe and Asia. From Taipei to Bangkok, the expedition to Stockholm, 

Jolin broke the way of album production in the past. With a new creative mode, he participated in the music writing camp and personally participated in the music collective. The way of creation, complete the song of the new album "UGLY BEAUTY". Jolin personally "bubble" the studio to participate in the creative brainstorming, in addition to flying in Taipei to Bangkok, and even expedition to Stockholm, through the music of the city's music writing camp, respectively, mobilized nearly 100 transnational musicians to experience and Musicians from different regions are locked in the studio for a week, and the interesting process of brainstorming not only stimulates Jolin's self-potency, but also makes Jolin's creative power break out. The new album has participated in the creation of six songs in one breath. The new album "UGLY BEAUTY" will not only hear Jolin's first attempted creation mode, but will also hear an album of "Creativity" and "Most Jolin's Creative Power" as if it were a grand slam! Jolin said: "In the process of free creation, I explored the voice that I moved, and cooperated with different creative camps, giving me a lot of propulsion, doing music discussions together, using different language to express what you want. In addition to being very enjoyable and fun, the work should make everyone feel as much as I am!"

The new album brings together innovative works from all over the world and the diverse content of the theme "UGLY BEAUTY". The composition and style of the new album "Experimental" is different. In the past, Jolin’s instincts of "loyalty to music" are bound to bring Chinese pop music has more impact and new sense of hearing! Jolin, who is brave enough to accept the challenge, said: "I just want to try!" Jolin likes to ask questions and self-answer during the album production process. She is also very curious and aware of women's strength and influence. The original new album wants to explore "what is a woman" and finds herself in the process of investing. It is the best "experimental object", and then I began to explore the inner world to explore and discover that "emotion" is the key point affecting myself and others. Therefore, I often ask myself "what kind of woman I am"; Jolin Said: "I always feel that I have lost a little bit of a role in women. Although everyone looks like a princess, I always think that my heart is a man! This kind of conflict is like a whirlpool, so I can't help but want to study. " 

Pre-order modeling" mouth of truth "Ugly Beauty who is in charge? 
Fashion circle popular photographer Zhong Lin New era ten influential stylist Yii 
personality split to create 11 different strange beauty Jolin 

with the new album eleven song theme especially invited fashion circle popular photographer Zhong Lin and once named by Gucci, Yii, a famous stylist who has been selected by the global fashion industry as one of the top ten influential figures in the new era, has created 11 sets of UGLY BEAUTY styles. In the first wave of pre-order visions, Jolin wore an exaggerated "Truth of Truth" red-lip jewelry, a pair of hands with different poses and a look of innocence, making the whole poster very impactful and echoing the album. Break the theme of the concept of secular beauty and ugliness.
I will choose this photo mainly because this album, Jolin, wants to use various "eyes" to talk to the audience. This is also her understanding in the past six years. In 2012, she shot the "I" MV. She looked at the makeup remover through the mirror. I have tears in my heart, and later I realized that she never cares for herself. In the past, she was too concerned about what others said. She did so many things just to get approval from others, but now she is looking at the mirror every time. I can find myself more in my eyes, and remind myself not to live in someone else's mouth. The mouth represents a lot of words and also means a lot of words that can't be said, but now Jolin wants to communicate through eyes and tells everyone, "I can understand. Our mood!” This sultry “Spoken of Truth” is a work created by Chinese rookie designer Shutting Qiu who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp. The eye-catching orange cake skirt with the mouth of truth comes from the work of the new designer SENSEN LII. He is not only a student of the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp but also the Winner of VFILES RUNWAY 10 winner of New York Fashion Week this year. Jolin challenges for two consecutive days. More than 24 hours of non-stop shooting tasks, in the attention of the atmosphere and impromptu performance photographer Zhong Lin's lens requirements, a short time to shuttle in 11 scenes and 11 character settings, Jolin said: "Fast personality split, But it’s very cool!”

When I was in the eyes of fans for four years, this time I returned to the Chinese music scene and brought a new musical piece "UGLY BEAUTY". Jolin Tsai seems to break my own frame once again, trying to challenge the negative emotions that Chinese music rarely touches in the past. As well as the necessary subject matter of evil, Jolin once again preached through the music to accept a different self, and strived to accommodate more love, and let the outside world expect the strange effect of this new work to Chinese music!? The launch of Jolin's new visual news, which is "weird" and "beautiful", immediately caused the commotion of fans. On December 5th, a limited pre-sales launch of 10,000 copies of [Wei Mei Hardcover Edition], 4 different style covers and 200 pages of luxury lyrics photo diary, causing fans to snap up, many sales platforms sold out in 1 minute, not only airborne The blog came to the real-time list, and the digital platform "QQ Music" pre-sales sales exceeded 1 million RMB, and broke the record of its own achievements over the years. It became the fastest female singer of Hong Kong and Taiwan to receive gold, double gold, and three gold records! Jolin, who likes to write a diary, is also looking forward to conveying to the fans the concept of "sharing the heart". I look forward to the fans' secrets and stories about "UGLY BEAUTY" in this pre-ordered diary record! 

Recognizing the vulnerability of getting strength from Jolin also evolve into a Fighter Lover 
UGLY BEAUTY blame the US Collector's Edition fashion industry's top team together
when you have enough courage to explore the dark will find itself unlimited power promising 
debut cool handsome black and white cover of ashes since his debut Reborn self-confidence debut

Jolin's new album "UGLY BEAUTY" is pre-ordered for the first day of the limited edition of 10,000 pieces of [Weird Beauty Edition] was snapped up, and the pre-purchase of the owner's innocent eyes with the "Truth of Truth" jewelry for the first time let her show "fragile power"! "No matter how high we pursue, as long as we want to get rid of the shackles of perfectionism, the mentality must be changed from "worry about what everyone thinks" to "I am good enough." The change begins with overcoming inferiority and self-acceptance. In order to accept ourselves, the background, our beliefs, and the imperfections in our lives, we must let ourselves be able to appreciate ourselves and appreciate our own shortcomings and embarrassment. We are more tolerant of ourselves and each other, and we use our voice to talk to ourselves in the tone of our loved ones. And this time, the new album, Jolin wants to talk through her eyes and the audience; fans look forward to a long time [Weird Collector's Edition] finally exposed, this time Jolin has boldly chosen the first black and white album cover since her debut, The reason for choosing this photo is this set of dark photos, which gives her a strong and confident feeling. She is like a fearless Fighter, but she is also a Lover, no matter what the outside world is. Is chaos a pile of mud, is it dirty, she is still willing to be a fighter, she is also a lover, will lead everyone to courageously fight these Energy! 

The official version also invites Jiang Minshi, the most popular photographer in Taipei fashion magazine, and Tanglai & FORMZ, Hong Kong's hottest styling team, to work together to create the most avant-garde UGLY BEAUTY aesthetic! In order to create a doomsday battlefield, Jiang Minshi set the scene in the setting sun, the world fell into a desert environment before the darkness, Jolin painted a seemingly eyebrow-free smoky makeup, put on the British avant-garde designer Gareth Pugh's blazer with super shorts and long leather boots, standing in the middle of the fire circle, symbolizes the rebirth after the fire! The album's inner page also shows the latest fashion designers in Europe and America, including the first time that Queen Elizabeth of England appeared in London Fashion Week and presented the winner of the first "Elisabeth II British Design Award". British new designer Richard Quinn's eponymous brand show and this season's illusionary retro and 80's decadent wind once again become the focus of Marc Jacobs!

The song designer Yan Bojun, after listening to the whole album UGLY BEAUTY's concept of planning, discussed the packaging concept of [Pandora's Box] with the plan, because this album Jolin wants to explore the bright and dark side of human nature, one of which is planning In the direction of "Pandora's Box", this Greek myth is the birth of the first woman in the human world, very close to the negativism that Jolin's new album wants to explore. Pandora opened the box because of curiosity but released it. Negative effects such as sin and disaster, this is also the first origin of the discussion of human original sinology, but the moral of this story is to tell people the importance of embracing hope because the only thing left in the box is "hope". This is also very similar to the good and evil discussed in Jolin's new album "UGLY BEAUTY". No matter how many disasters and tests, darkness, and pain, but there are hope and light in the end! The official version of the inner page design is like the concept of opening a carton, opening one layer at a time, from dark to bright, seeing Jolin in different faces, just like every woman has a black queen and a white queen in her heart. They fight each other's hearts, but they may also be two sides, indispensable! 

UGLY BEAUTY first wave of the same name of the main name [weimei] Long-awaited 12/21 officially premiered 
Jolin and the golden song producer Chen Xinghan creative talents Qingfeng three people play experimental new music

The album's first major song, "Weird Beauty," is also the longest-running song produced by Chen Xinghan, Starr Chen and Jolin, together with a variety of sounds, and an unprecedented creation. Starr is eager to play an abnormal role. Grinding people's skill, recorded in the studio and recorded again, the arranger has also changed and changed, Jolin also strives to perfect the singer to stop, the best lyricist Wu Qingfeng of the Golden Melody Awards presents a thought-provoking lyric, Jolin praises Qingfeng He is a clever and creative creator. He doesn't need to give a topic or special chat about the lyrics. Although he didn't know how many versions he changed, he later talked with him about the direction of the album, but he chose him one. The beginning of the creation, because the final arrangement is very matched! The arrangement is made up of all kinds of impossible elemental collages and harmonies, even the sound of lips rubbing and kissing, the powerful Drum & Bass, plus the excitement of the aggressive rapper passages at the end of the song, producing this first A bit of awkward and bizarre, the style is strong and diverse, it is difficult to define, but it is full of beautiful songs. Plus the mix is remixed by Grammy Award-winning mixer Luca Pretolesi, which makes the whole song more weighty. This song is also the song that was finished at the last moment of the album. The director received the modified lyrics a few days before the MV started shooting. Chen Xinghan said that he was changed by Jolin for more than 2 years and has broken his record as a producer!  

This edition comes in a Pandora's Box case.

01. 惡之必要 
02. 玫瑰少年 
03. 怪美的 
04. 你也有今天 
05. 紅衣女孩 
06. 甜秘密 
07. 愛的羅曼死 
08. 如果我沒有傷口 
09. 腦公 
10. 消極掰 
11. 你睡醒再看 

Release Date: 26 Dec 2018

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