CHAINSMOKERS Memories...Do Not Open CD 2017


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2017 debut full-length album from Grammy Award winning artist/producer duo The Chainsmokers. Comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers have evolved into a dominating musical force with a diverse repertoire of songs that have led them to become today's hottest young artist/producer duo. With a signature sound that deftly reaches across indie, progressive and pop realms, their original tracks and remixes have topped the charts throughout the world. Memories…Do Not Open features the certified Gold first single "Paris," a single with Coldplay - "Something Just Like This," and 10 additional never before heard tracks from the hit-making duo. The Chainsmokers have dominated radio charts for the past two years, and along the way sold over 10 million singles. They have also performed all over the world to sold-out crowds at their own headline shows and major festivals including SXSW, Ultra and Coachella, and also at the 2017 Brit Awards, the 2016 American Music Awards and the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

接連三首單曲打入2016年美國告示牌單曲榜TOP10、締造900萬驚人銷量;排行史上最強EDM組合老菸槍雙人組(The Chainsmokers)以〈Roses〉、〈Don't Let Me Down〉、〈Closer〉等重磅夯曲輪番制霸主流排行。風格橫跨Electro House、Progressive House、Trap等多元領域,巧妙向主流音樂靠攏、打造收買雙耳夢幻逸品。The Chainsmokers不僅奪下2016百大DJ第18名,更強勢入圍本屆全美音樂獎「年度新人」、「最受歡迎流行/搖滾樂團」、「最受歡迎電子舞曲藝人」、「年度最受歡迎演唱組合」等大獎。由Andrew Taggart和Alex Pall組成的The Chainsmokers,音樂之路深受Daft Punk、David Guetta、Justice等EDM藝人啟發,2014年憑藉〈#Selfie〉一曲拿下首支美國電子舞曲榜冠軍,為音樂生涯揭開精彩序幕。2015年發行首張迷你專輯《Bouquet》,空降告示牌電子舞曲榜亞軍+熱門潛力榜NO.4。其中由才女新秀Rozes領銜演繹的〈Roses〉最為出色,精彩融合UK Garage、Trap和Hip-House等元素誕生令人驚艷新聲響,直取美國電子舞曲榜冠軍、締造三白金銷售,更獲告示牌「最佳電子舞曲藝人」、「最佳電子舞曲歌曲」雙項入圍肯定!

  1. The One [Explicit] 
  2. Break Up Every Night [Explicit] 
  3. Bloodstream [Explicit] 
  4. Don't Say
  5. Something Just Like This 
  6. My Type 
  7. It Won't Kill Ya
  8. Paris 
  9. Honest 
  10. Wake Up Alone 
  11. Young 
  12. Last Day Alive

Release Date: 7 Apr 2017