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19 With just a couple of cursory listens to the few tracks that popped up all over the Internet through 2007, comparisons were made between Adele, the much-hyped brassy British songstress, and Amy Winehouse, the...much-hyped brassy British songstress. However, after a solid listen to 19, the first full sampling by the up-and-coming Adele, listeners are forced to throw all comparisons to the wind; Adele is simply too magical to compare her to anyone. Bluesy like it's no one's business yet voluptuously funky in a contemporary way, Adele rocks out 19 with a unique voice and gritty sound that dazzle endlessly. Synthesizing blues, jazz, folk, soul, and even electric pop, Adele mystifies through her mature songwriting skills and jaw-dropping arrangements. As the album opens with "Daydreamer," Adele's illusionary instrument -- over minimal sounds -- engulfs the listener with a gorgeous feeling of awe and wonderment. On "Melt My Heart to Stone" and the bona fide hit "Chasing Pavements," Adele allows herself to soar over the strings and power her way through these incredible songs. The upbeat "Right as Rain" is just wonderful, with clear Ashford & Simpson influences speckled all over it in an upbeat set. Nearly all the tracks seem to have been nurtured to glory over months as labors of love. What's simply awesome on 19 is its capability to capture the listener through mere teasing; Adele doesn't shout for attention, and doesn't rely on anyone but herself to prove she's worth it, in the same vein as Sara Bareilles, another heavily praised artist of 2007. The jazzy "Best for Last" is as retro as the tunes get on the album, yet it still manages to steer away from being boring or old-fashioned. The only awkwardness throughout all of 19 is the overly poppy galactic "Tired," which sounds as though it might have fallen off a Lily Allen track list, something that doesn't suit Adele as a musician. As far as artistic drive goes, it seems as though Adele is hoping to capitalize on the sounds of 2007 by borrowing elements of Feist, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, and even, yes, Amy Winehouse; yet Adele blends all the artistic pizzazz of all those ladies into her own set of manipulative, glamorous wonder. Plus, as a terrific songwriter at merely 20 years of age, the Brit has so much room to expand her artistic dimensions into a full-fledged artist that it's no wonder most critics see her as the top new talent of 2008. This debut isn't an empty promise of a great career; 19 is a fleshed-out stunning portrayal of a young woman with a talent beyond her years who deserves immense credit for a unique style that never fails. A beyond stellar debut in both quality and originality. ~ Matthew Chisling, All Music Guide


The Raconteurs翻唱新曲〈Many Shades Of Black〉
+ 北美巡迴現場影片
OMM★★★★★、AMG★★★★☆、The Times★★★★強力推薦

當艾美懷絲脫序演出鬧得滿城風雨,一個年僅19歲的靈魂女聲Adele悄悄竄起,在BBC與披頭四成員保羅麥卡尼、碧玉同台演出,爆發 力超齡嗓音被傳媒冠上「新艾美懷絲」封號!這張奪得英國金榜No.1的冠軍專輯《19》,由Jim Abbiss(北極潑猴、百憂解)和Eg White(凱莉米洛、娜塔莉)名將打造,Adele拾起了最扣人心弦的元素:愛情,訴說著一段段令人心碎的故事,伴隨空心吉他傾吐情殤往事的 〈Daydreamer〉,音樂盒般精靈Keyboard音色繚繞的〈First Love〉,寂寥鋼琴敲擊出漩渦般感染力的〈Hometown Glory〉,和煦傷感直襲心靈深處的〈Chasing Pavements〉,翻玩巴布狄倫名曲〈Make You Feel My Love〉,還有邀請全英音樂獎最佳男歌手Mark Ronson(莉莉艾倫、艾美懷絲)助陣華麗放克舞曲〈Cold Shoulder〉…

歷經2008年馬不停蹄的巡迴演出,Adele不僅在英國取得超高人氣,更進軍美國直衝告示牌Top 11/鄉村榜單曲冠軍;然而,《19》全球銷售破百萬的佳績並未讓她迷失方向,反而她選擇沉澱,拾起純粹的原音吉他,於舊金山The Hotel Café錄製了9首LIVE演唱,匯整出《英國金榜冠軍LIVE升級盤2CD》。雙碟私藏北美巡迴現場影片,收錄〈Chasing Pavements〉、〈Make You Feel My Love〉,以及〈Daydreamer〉、〈Melt My Heart to Stone〉等直襲靈魂深處的LIVE佳作,並獻出一首翻唱自The Racontuers的新歌〈Many Shades Of Black〉,詮釋獨樹一格的苦情心碎。現在,嚥下Adele黑色的傷心,停駐煙霧瀰漫的酒館,聆聽她最直接的LIVE靈魂!


Best for Last
Chasing Pavements
Cold Shoulder
Crazy for You
Melt My Heart to Stone
First Love
Right As Rain
Make You Feel My Love - Adele, Dylan, Bob
My Same
Hometown Glory
Release Date: 24 June 2008

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