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Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Music Blu-ray + CD) Live at the Royal Albert Hall features British vocal sensation Adele performing at the storied venue during her promotional tour for her 2011 studio effort, 21. Backed by her rock ensemble as well as a string section, Adele runs through most of 21 while adding in earlier hits off her 2008 debut, 19, including "Chasing Pavements," "Hometown Glory," and "My Same." Primarily, however, Adele focuses here on material off 21, including such cuts as "Rumour Has It," "Turning Tables," "Someone Like You," the uber-ballad "Take It All," and the funky hit "Rolling in the Deep." In perfect vocal form here prior to her 2011 throat surgery, Adele is the epitome of a burnished soul diva with a singer/songwriter's heart. Beautifully recorded and performed, Live at the Royal Albert Hall conveys all the drama of Adele's music and is the perfect companion piece to 21. [This expanded Blu-Ray issue extends the performance to a more complete edit, including between-song patter omitted from the original issue.] ~ Matt Collar, Rovi


挾著BBC「Sound Of 2008」榜首之姿嶄露頭角,當時還不滿20歲的英國胖女孩,以超齡的創作才情遊走於R&B、靈魂、藍調與福音之間,從掄元葛萊美獎最佳新人和最佳女歌手的處女作《19》,到稱霸全球銷售榜冠軍寶座超過半年的《21》,意外壓倒Lady Gaga和Beyonce穩坐2011暢銷后座,難以數計的銷售紀錄和獎項殊榮冠在Adele身上,其實都只是錦上添花,惹人心碎的情感穿透力與真摯懇切,才是Adele讓樂迷傾倒的神奇魔法。

2011年9月22日,Adele首度登上全球歌者的終極聖殿,《Live At The Royal Albert Hall》完整記錄了這一票難求的演唱會完整實況,說的是這女孩最刻骨銘心的青春記事,率真地娓娓道來〈Turning Tables〉中那紐約燃起的分手火苗,〈One & Only〉那個讓她至今仍恨得牙癢癢的爛人,〈Lovesong〉與母親的美好記憶,〈Someone Like You〉事過境遷後對前男友的真情告白,獻給Amy Winehouse的〈Make You Feel My Love〉,還動人演繹了從未收錄於正式專輯的鄉村藍調天后Bonnie Raitt經典〈I Can’t Make You Love Me〉。


1."Hometown Glory"
2."I'll Be Waiting"
3."Don't You Remember"
4."Turning Tables"
5."Set Fire to the Rain"
6."If It Hadn't Been for Love"
7."My Same"
8."Take It All"
9."Rumour Has It"
10."Right As Rain"
11."One & Only"
13."Chasing Pavements"
14."I Can't Make You Love Me"
15."Make You Feel My Love
16."Someone Like You"
17."Rolling in the Deep"
Release Date: 29 Nov 2011

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