Brexit Jazz Brexit Jazz Remix 12" 2017


SKU: CMPR501.1

The original "Brexit Jazz" track was recorded and programmed, played live at the Beanfield Studio Munich in 2016, right after the British government announced the Brexit on (black) Friday morning. Compost announced a remix competition of the track and got over 90 remixes. Here are the winners of the "Brexit Jazz" remix competition and a brand new version made by Roberto Di Gioia (Marsmobil/Web Web), Jan Krause (Beanfield), and Michael Reinboth (Compost). Remixes by Konvex & The Shadow + Melokolektiv, Letryp, and CRS & BRG.

01 Brexit Jazz (Konvex & The Shadow + Melokolektiv Remix) 00 :45
02 Brexit Jazz (New Version) 00 :45
03 Brexit Jazz (Letryp Remix) 00 :45
04 Brexit Jazz (CRS & BRG Remix) 00 :45

Release Date: 22 Sept 2017

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