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Della Ding Die Lovin' CD 2019

Della Ding Die Lovin' CD 2019

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gold song producer Adi Aberdeen X Grammy Master Randy Merrill master tape production 
J.Sheon X Liao Wenqiang X Fang Yijia X Night Watcher Qin Xuzhang 
Mountain Man X Wan Zhixuan X Hai Dafu X He Yusheng Join 
hands to create a colorful new Ding Dang music color ticket 

★ Sing red nearly 50 The drama song "National Love Songs" has a good performance 
★ "The palm of your hand" is the first YouTube point to see the billion songs promoted to "K song billion sister" 
★ Return to the player's identity to participate in the singing program to return to the original self-viewing self
★ On the eve of the show, the feelings of returning to zero will face the long-distance love and hurt. 

Twelve achievements, the results are loud! Dingdang released his first solo album "Runaway from Home" in 2007. After 12 years of debut, he released 8 albums and accumulated more than 50 concerts around the world. He sang nearly 50 TV dramas, movies, stage drama theme songs and episodes. Known as "Idol Drama" and "Queen of the Theme Song", it has the classics of "I love him", "I can't be alone", "Not your fault", "It's hard to be rare", "Can't guess", etc. His masterpiece, the TV drama "Lan Ling Wang" theme song "Hand Palm" has become Ding Dang's first YouTube point to break through the billion songs, so that "K song a sister" Ding Dang promoted "K Ge billion sister" club. The song is also excellent. In 2018, he took the lead in performing a new adaptation of the musical "The Wrong Car" actress "Ami". The tour was held in Taichung, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Xiamen, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Toronto, Vancouver and other cities. The challenge of the three-in-one strength of song, dance and drama makes Ding Dang's acting career a new milestone! 

Constantly innovating, constantly advancing, and constantly returning to zero, is the way in which Ding Dang has been examining himself in recent years. She has set her own 2019 year as "Ding Dang Yuan Nian" and reviewed the past performance art road until this year. It’s like drawing a circle, you can go back to the original point, think back to the original intention, and return to the original one.” Just as she went to the singing program “The Voice of Dreams”, she felt very big in her heart and once stood on the concert of thousands of people selling tickets. On the stage, she has to stand up with the amateurs to become a contestant, and she needs to put a lot of burdens and world vision. This process has become her important life lesson: "The most feared people are getting along with themselves. Re-recognizing that you really need to experience all kinds of storms and baptisms, but often because of various senses of insecurity on the road of life, bring yourself a lot of unnecessary inferiority. And fear." She deeply felt that the bondage of the outside and the so-called care, it does not matter, do not have to deliberately please who to lose yourself.

In love, Ding Dang also bravely faced the return of zero and wounds in the past. She once had a long-distance relationship, always thinking that as long as it is well cared for and maintained, it can make happiness come true. Unexpectedly, on the eve of a performance, the unfettered breakup broke, and the feelings of the five flavors made Ding Dang unable to resist the crash when he was performing! She recalled that she could only tell herself at the time: "I know that the night before the show was the last time we met, so I put all the tastes I have tasted in love into every love song." Long distance love is hard. But Ding Dang is very open and chooses to fall in love, she will go all out. "I don't regret it, at least I work hard, and finally I don't have to be so careful to guard." Walked through the stage and under the stage, after emotion She is grateful for these memorable processes and insights, and believes that she has become a woman with confidence and brilliance after her experience. Now Ding Dang, I know how to cherish my heart, not to live for others, just for myself! 

★ Bravely pursue the true self, "Love is not to be fatal" to examine the shortcomings of love and life. 
★ The golden song producer Adi Aberdeen develops a colorful and jingle music color ticket 
★ "Gold" light 熠熠 Grammy master Randy Merrill master tape production 
★ 10+1 first special 
record "Minimum Great" Sanshang Meibang Life Insurance Publicity Image Advertisement ★ "Desperate Sanniang" Ding Dang's love "death" can "not kill"

Courageously pursued my true Ding Dang, on April 2, 2019, released her 9th solo album "Die Lovin", made by the golden song producer Adi Tsai, combined with J.Sheon, Liao Wenqiang, Fang Wei Jia, the night watchman Qin Xuzhang, Shandiren, Wan Zhixuan, Hai Dafu, He Yusheng and other outstanding music creation and production teams, changed the past sadness and weakness of the bitter love song image single color, and developed a more colorful new Dingdang music color ticket. The genre is diverse, including: R&B, POP, lyric rock, metropolitan folk, electronic funk, etc., so that the love songs show more different styles. The post-master team of the album is also a "golden" glory. The guest has been awarded the six-time nomination of Grammy and three award-winning gold master Randy Merrill. The artists who have worked together are: Ariana Grende / Lady Gaga/ Adele/ Justin Bieber Wait, let Ding Dang's voice on the album be penetrating but not sharp, and the producer Adi Zi praised it. It is the best masterpiece of the master tape post-processing in his recent album. 

"Love to No Life" is a Ding Dang "the most courageous face to love, the album closest to you", with her true emotional story and love concept as the main axis, from analyzing herself, facing herself, reconciling herself, and healing herself In the music, accept his own imperfections. In the past, Ding Dang often gave people a strong positive image of a "female man". She said frankly: "People who look very strong on the surface often have a weak side in their hearts. Sometimes they just fear to puncture the status quo or dare not face it. The cruel reality is stubborn." The new album "Love to No Life" cuts in with "the regrets and beauty of love life". Love is not perfect, honesty faces ten flaws and ten beauty, everyone has different regrets in love. For example, humble, addictive, blind, long distance, inertia, etc. Some beautiful things are actually to shine through the reflection of regrets, bravely face the defects of love, in order to discover the beauty of the shortcomings, to find the original one, The one who still believes in love.

The concept of the album full of bursting tension, "Love is not to be killed", is the personality portrayal of "Ding Ming San Niang" Ding Dang, born with a kind of "the more you are light, the more you want to prove yourself". Can work for the fall, still do not want to continue to sing on the stage; in order to overcome the demons of the play, set up tens of thousands of words of autobiographical novels for the stage play characters; you can try hard to challenge yourself, extreme sports; Can lose weight, run on the treadmill and cry and don't want to support it; for the sense of justice, for the harassed girl to stand up and defend; more for love, encounter scum male bad heart still love not to die . Every kind of "Don't Die" of Ding Dang is because the loved ones, things, and things are all in the heart. "Because of life, love, and love, you can pay for it, you can love it." . 

★ The first wave bursts and breaks the main character <Don't be fatal> Characterizes "Don't care for the body" Dark love life 
★ Ding Dang X J. Sheon sings new sparks and boldly challenges R&B style 
★ "Love and hate symbiosis" lyrics concept dying elopement of the end of the day 
★ New MV Director Ares Wu American black movie style full of violent aesthetics 

Do you want to go for a person? Do you want to, do you really want to die? The first wave of bursting and breaking the main hit "Don't be fate", R&B style, by the new generation of omnipotent singer J. Sheon, together with the new creator Wan Zhixuan, for the Ding equivalent body to create a male and female chorus, telling the secret love of life: a pair Love does not care about the body, sometimes it is forced to the cliff, the only way to see the beautiful vision, in order to provoke absolute determination. The lyrics come from the concept of "love and hate symbiosis", the attachment to a person who has a strong love, love can be broken, not even life, but the deeper the love, the deeper the hate, the encounter of two lives The bond with the relationship, metaphor of love and hate is a community, you can love to die, you can hate to be terrible, only for each other's life or birth or death, there is no alternative.

Have you ever worked hard for others in your life? Do you know if you should, but still do not want to love it? "Don't be fateed" MV is directed by the new director of the MV of Zhang Huimei, "There is a beautiful black movie style. Ding Dang and hair stylist J. Sheon plays a hot couple, but the real identity of the show is J. Sheon. The serial murderer killed a number of women in the darkroom operating room hidden in his hair salon. Dingdang fell in love and fell into the hunting trap to become a lamb to be slaughtered. Even she apparently noticed that she would be stunned and stunned. In this play, I drank a poison drink, and finally woke up to resist the poisonous needle with him but lost the other hand. Ding Dang was so sad that he was crying. MV Riding is a big play, with a face that is closely related to the intimate interaction of J. Sheon's chest and romantic dance. There is a female man who has been dragged and bound to break away from the drama. When she is touched by the murderer J. Sheon, she is afraid of fear but heartbroken. After the drama, even the crying drama is also crying and crying and tearing the heart, so that the "Don't Die" MV full of dark and beautiful violent aesthetic love drama seems more worth seeing. 

★ Pants/windbreaker/suit style, neutrality, wind and swaying feeling 
★ Black apple/surreal high-rise fashion photographer Zhou Mo palm mirror play avant-garde modern style 
★ Mottled and decadent eye makeup / hysterical chaos challenge Life 
crazy woman dressing up ★ Mobile black paint / temperature ink new designer Yang Shiqing to create a beautiful collection of packaging 

echoes the "not to be fat " attitude, the new album style is neutral and handsome, biased suit suit tops, pants, windbreaker Get rid of Ding Dang in the past to give people a feeling of love and soft beauty, showing the feeling of degeneration of strong women. The main visual invites the new fashion photographer Zhou Mo's mirror to play the avant-garde modern style. The ingenious use of black apples represents the fatality of dangerous love, but still eats without fear. Set up a surreal super-high-rise building, let Ding Dang climb the high ladder to the building, showing that even in the high-risk area, it is still dangerous and unrelenting. In the process, Ding Dang also wears workers' gloves and simply puts tall buildings. Tear off the dismantled domineering sense of arrogance. Even in the end, the hair was messed up, with the mottled and sinister makeup, the mad woman who performed the performance, conveyed hysteria and bravely faced defects and imperfections.

The album design packaging is designed by the cutting-edge designer Yang Shiqing. The album cover is made up of a large type of typography. The concept standard words are arranged in a stepped stack, and like a staircase, they echo the idea of ​​climbing the building. In order to present a sense of desperation, the transparent CD case in the album packaging is hand-painted with black paint, so that each album is a unique out-of-print collection, with a black paint flow with jingle photos, showing a dying edge A deep and hopeless experience. In the concept poster, using the temperature-sensitive ink technology, through the touch of the hand, the face of the close-up face will appear, and the interactive temperature will show another kind of jingle appearance. I hope that the fans will use love (temperature) to feel the dying of Ding Dang. 

01. 我們不像我們 (LINE TV《hitory3圈套》插曲) 
02. 有什麼不敢面對 
03. 不要命feat.J.Sheon 
04. 都是月老惹的禍(OT:Birthday Suit) 
05. 海的顏色(華視《最佳利益》插曲) 
06. 成癮(LINE TV《hitory3圈套》插曲) 
07. 誤區(華視《最佳利益》片尾曲) 
08. 太陽雨 
09. 愛情最高指導原則 
10. 愛上你的我 
11. 最小的偉大Smallest Great-三商美邦人壽公益形象廣告曲 

Release Date: 2 Apr 2019
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