JAN LAMB Say 30Mething 2DVD 2016

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Jan Lamb draws laughs and gags from local issues and Cantonese wordplay in his sold-out stand-up comedy and music show Say 30Mething 2016. Besides giving voice to Hong Kongers' complaints, commentary and love for the local dialect in stand-up sketches, he also performed his just-as-witty setlist of catchy songs. Eric Kot also joined him onstage to perform some Softhard classics.

Track Listings

Disc 1
A. 滾動香港
C. 上樓
D. Charl屎
E. 毋忘初中
F. 七人車

Disc 2
G. 菩薩揸AK
H. 咪L嚟推介
I. 三任特首
J. 撕裂山精神
K. 英雄本色
L. 高山青龍

01. 洞穴一號cave number one
02. 屎我係一督屎
03. Wheels on the bus
04. 放低啲考試
05. 頂硬上
06. 英雄本色
07. 今天我- 參考歌曲:海闊天空/ 抗戰二十年/ 年少無知/ 光輝歲月/ 無盡
08. 抗戰廿十年x I Want You 廣東歌

09. 13149394
10. 失戀照聽G Dragon
11. 喜氣洋洋
12. 廣播道Fans殺人事件
14. 逆時代曲

Release Date: 20 Dec 2016

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