KING CRIMSON Collectable King Crimson 5: Live in Japan 1995 2CD 2010

Discipline Us

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2010 two CD live archive release from the Prog/Art Rock legends. This double disc collection features the audio taken from the original concert recordings used for the band's Deja Vrooom DVD. The 1995 world tour was the first undertaken by the reformed double trio line-up in the wake of the release of Thrak. 15 years on from the concerts, the benefits of perspective confirm what many fans suspected at the time; namely that this incarnation of King Crimson was a classic live line-up - no mean feat given some of it's predecessors. Panegyric Records.

Disc: 1
1. Circulation Improv
2. Vrooom Vrooom
3. Frame By Frame
4. Dinosaur
5. One Time
6. Red
7. B'boom
8. Thrak
9. Matte Kudasai
10. Three of a Perfect Pair
11. Vrooom
12. Coda (Marine 475)
13. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream

Disc: 2
1. Improv (Two Sticks)
2. Elephant Talk
3. Indiscipline
4. Prism
5. Talking Drum
6. Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part II)
7. People
8. Walking On Air
9. Tokyo Prelude

Release Date: 14 Sept 2010

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