KING CRIMSON Islands (40th Anniversary Edition) CD+DVD 2010

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The classic album has been mixed for 5.1 surround sound from the original studio masters by Steve Wilson and is fully approved by Crimson founder Robert Fripp. Almost 90 minutes of bonus material- mostly unreleased including a full "Alternate Album", rehearsal takes, live material, studio sessions and material mixed for the first time in this release. The DVD-A features a 5.1 DTS Mix and High Resolution Stereo mixes and features both the original album mix and the new album mix in High Resolution stereo.

Disc 1 
1 Formentera Lady [Take]
2 Sailor's Tale [Edit][Alternate Take]
3 The Letters [Take]
4 Ladies of the Road
5 Prelude: Song of the Gulls
6 Islands [Take]
7 Islands [Studio Run Through]
8 Formentera Lady [Take 2] [Take]
9 Sailor's Tale [Alternate Mix/Edit] [Edit]
10 A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls
11 The Letters [Rehearsal/Outtake] [Take]
12 Ladies of the Road [Robert Fripp & David Singleton Remix]

Disc 2 
1 Formentera Lady [Digital Surround]
2 Sailor's Tale [Digital Surround]
3 The Letters [Digital Surround]
4 Ladies on the Road [Digital Surround]
5 Prelude: Song of the Gulls [Digital Surround]
6 Islands [Digital Surround]
7 Formentera Lady [2010 Stereo Mix]
8 Sailor's Tale [2010 Stereo Mix]
9 The Letters [2010 Stereo Mix]
10 Ladies of the Road [2010 Stereo Mix]
11 Prelude: Song of the Gulls [2010 Stereo Mix]
12 Islands [2010 Stereo Mix]
13 Formentera Lady
14 Sailor's Tale
15 The Letters
16 Ladies on the Road
17 Prelude: Song of the Gulls
18 Islands
19 Formentera Lady [Take 2] [Take]
20 Sailor's Tale [Alternate Mix/Edit] [Edit]
21 The Letters [Rehearsal/Outtake] [Take]
22 Ladies of the Road [Rough Mix]
23 A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls
24 Islands [Studio Run Through]
25 Pictures of a City [Islands Lineup Rehearsal]
26 Sailor's Tale [Islands Lineup Rehearsal]
27 Islands [Fragment]
28 Formentera [Rough Mix]
29 Sailor's Tale [Rough Mix]
30 Drop in [Early Rehearsal]
31 The Letters [Live]
32 Sailor's Tale [Live]
33 Ladies of the Road [Robert Fripp & David Singleton Remix]
34 Ladies of the Road [Take 5] [Take]
35 Formentera Lady [Take 1] [Take]
36 Formentera Lady [Take 3] [Take]
37 Formentera Lady [Take 4] [Take]

Release Date: 22 Nov 2010

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