SWORD MASTER 三少爺的劍 (Blu-ray + DVD Combo) 2017

Well Go USA


In this beautifully shot wuxia epic, a powerful swordsman is haunted by the destructive impact his deadly talents have on others. Weary of the bloodshed and violence from the martial arts world, he banishes himself to the humble life a vagrant, wandering the fringes of society. But his murderous past refuses to let him go quietly. The master swordsman must regain the ability to wield his sword and fight those disrupting the peace he so desperately craves.
Director Derek Yee joins forces with producer Tsui Hark to bring this classic story of a master swordsman to life.
Mastering the Sword
頂尖高手燕十三(何潤東 飾)劍法無雙,但又總被江湖中人誤認為是神劍山莊的三少爺(林更新 飾)… 但原來燕十三身患絕症,一心只求與三少爺比武,決意為自己正名。擁有絕世武藝的三少爺卻厭倦殺戮,不願再過問武林的刀光劍影。退隱的他一直過著卑賤的生活,流落妓院而遇上卑微的貧女小麗(蔣夢婕 飾)。同時,當年被三少爺悔婚的舊情人慕容秋荻(江一燕 飾)抱?恨意血洗神劍山莊,不惜一切只為逼他出山。江湖沸騰,身不由己的三少爺被迫重 出江湖!一場惡鬥勢所難免...
Language: Mandarin, English 
Subtitles: English
Region Code: A, NTSC
Release Date: 11 Apr 2017

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