Panorama (HK)

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Winner of Best Film at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, the controversial 2015 indie omnibus Ten Years imagines the state of Hong Kong ten years later. Composed of five shorts by up-and-coming directors, the politically sensitive anthology offers a dystopian vision of the city in 2025. Addressing local issues and concerns that ring especially relevant in the post-Occupy climate, Ten Years turned into a surprise hit in Hong Kong through strong word of mouth.

In "Extras," two low-level gangsters are hired to shoot political party leaders in order to incite panic and stoke support for security legislation. In "Season of the End," two researchers futilely preserve relics of Hong Kong's past in a dilapidated building, with one offering himself up as the final specimen. In "Dialect," a Cantonese-speaking taxi driver struggles to make a living as Mandarin becomes increasingly prevalent in the work space. In "Self-Immolator," an unidentified person commits self-immolation outside the British embassy, and media coverage speculates connection to the recent death in prison of a prominent independence activist. In "Local Egg," a grocery store owner rues the closing of Hong Kong's last chicken farm and worries about his son's participation in a youth guard that keeps tabs on local shops.

五一節慶日竟然上演恐襲,保育的建築走至盡頭,的士司機操不好普通話,可能掉了飯碗。遭遇到不公,唯有自焚才能發聲嗎?還有人知道香港有本地農場有本地蛋嗎?《十年》短片計劃,五位香港新導演郭臻、黃飛鵬、歐文傑、周冠威和伍嘉良忽發奇想,<浮瓜>、<冬蟬>、<方言>、 <自焚者>和<本地蛋>各自拍出他們想像中在十年後會發生的故事。當本地的新聞自由和言論自由正在惡化,廣東話的生存空間比農業發展更快離我們而去。當下香港的危機、分化逐步加深,形勢已經非常緊迫,亡羊補牢到底晚不晚?還是已無可補救,為時已晚?


Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese
Region Code: 3
Date: 21 Oct 2016

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