THE CROSSING Part 2 太平輪 DVD 2016

Deltamac Taiwan


John Woo's epic historical saga about the ill-fated Taiping steamer comes to an end in The Crossing Part 2. Picking up where The Crossing Part 1 left off, we rejoin the three pairs of lovers whose fates are inexorably tied to the Taiping, and thus, each other. Military doctor Yan Zenkun (Kaneshiro Takeshi) remains separated from the Japanese woman he loves (Nagasawa Masami) due to shifts in politics. Signal corps soldier Tong Daqing (Tong Dawei) and lower-class illiterate woman Yu Zhen (Zhang Ziyi) have fallen for one another, but life seems to have a way of keeping them apart. The wife (Song Hye Kyo) of General Lei Yifang (Huang Xiaoming), meanwhile, continues to wait for him in Taiwan, despite not knowing whether he's dead or alive.


太平輪:驚濤摯愛 正式預告

導 演:吳宇森
演 員:金城武 、章子怡

Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese
Region Code: 3
Release Date: 15 Jan 2016