PHIL LAM 林奕匡 Songs Of Love 2017 CD

Sony Music Entertainment (HK)

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Before holding his first solo concert in February, Phil Lam gets you in the mood for Valentine's Day with the album Songs of Love. The romantic release contains ten love songs, including the chart-toppers "Romance" and "Stop Breeding."

林 奕匡Phil Lam
2017全新個人大碟Songs of Love

01. 不敢當
02. 第一個早晨
03. 愛情小品
04. 查無此字
05. 停止繁殖
06. 難得一遇
07. Missing You (別來無恙 - 英文版)
08. All I Have Is You (還記得- 英文版)
09. Do You Know (國語)

Release Date: 6 Feb 2017

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