SAMMI CHENG 鄭秀文 Sammi Touch Mi 2 Live 2016 2DVD 2016

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Sammi Cheng traveled to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, China, Australia and the United Kingdom for her Touch Mi world tour which kicked off in 2014. The two-year show came to an end in September 2016 at Hong Kong Coliseum. The pop diva livened the atmosphere with powerful dance jams including Fabulous and "Shocking Pink," and famous movie theme songs such as "Last Time" and "Beautiful for Life." She also showed her faith through a number of gospel songs, including "God Has Prepared for Us" harmonized by Red Vocal Academy students, "Pilgrimage" and "Crime and Punishment" featuring hip-hop group 24 herbs members Kit and Phat. Collaborations with Ricky Hsiao, hip-hop artist MC Yan and Louis Koo are also included in this live release.
This edition comes with a 48-minute concert making. 



附送 Sammi Touch Mi 2 絶密 Making of (48 Mins製作花絮)

DVD 1 
03. 螢光粉紅
04. 煞科
05. 親密關係
06. 迷糊、情慾、對象
07. 發熱發亮
08. 男仕今天你很好
09. 如何掉眼淚
10. 沒那麼簡單 (合唱 蕭煌奇)
11. 愛是… (Rap by MC仁)
12. 罪與罰 (合唱Kit & Phat@24Herbs)
13. 薩拉熱窩的羅密歐與茱麗葉
14. 上帝早已預備
15. 朝聖
16. 最後一次
17. 如果我們不再見
18. 終身美麗
19. 我們的主題曲
20. 當年情 (古天樂)

01. TOUCH MEDLEY: 犀利/獨家試唱/星秀傳說/信者得愛 (Feat.MC仁)
02. 火熱動感LA LA LA
03. 熱愛島
04. 捨不得你
05. BALLET MEDLEY: 愛的輓歌/你愛我愛不起/上一次流淚/心血來潮
06. 不要驚動愛情
07. 默契
Bonus Tracks
01. 黃子華楝篤笑吓鄭秀文
02. 林海峰是但噏吓鄭秀文
03. The Making of Touch Mi 2 (48 Mins)

Release Date:24 Jan 2017

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