O.S.T. SUICIDE SQUAD 自殺特攻 : 超能暴隊 (Score) CD 2016


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Director David Ayer (Fury) takes the helm for this Warner Bros. production adapted from the DC Comics series about a group of super-villains who are given a shot at redemption by embarking on a heroic mission that will most likely mean the death of them all. Dan Lin produces from a script by Justin Marks. Original Motion Picture score by Steven Price.

 正式跨入電影配樂界才短短5年時間,即靠《地心引力》一片雙雙榮獲奧斯卡與英國影藝學院電影「最佳原創電影音樂」大獎,同時獲得金球和葛萊美獎提名,不到40歲就已聲名大噪,拿下至高榮譽肯定的英國諾丁罕史蒂芬‧普萊斯(Steven Price)擔綱原聲帶音樂總監。5歲開始接觸吉他,也奠定未來對音樂譜曲的根基。大學畢業之後有機會進錄音室工作,協助英國Post-Punk樂團Gang Of Four的首領Andy Gill從事幕後製作。獲得南非電影配樂家崔佛‧瓊斯(Trevor Jones)賞識,參與《驚爆十三天》、《天降奇兵》、《環遊世界80天》等影片的作曲,隨後交出《凸搥特派員:二度出包》、《搖滾啟示錄》、《蝙蝠俠:開戰時刻》等音樂剪輯大任,直到有機會接觸奧斯卡大師霍華‧蕭(Howard Shore),參與《魔戒三部曲》的音樂剪輯,知名度暴增。2011年的《異星大作戰Attack The Blocks》,與跨界鬼才地下混音小子(Basement Jaxx)聯合操刀,成為首度掛名的配樂發表作品。接下《自殺特攻 : 超能暴隊Suicide Squad》,可讓史蒂芬玩興大開,結合飛天遁地的視覺效果,以及超異能的感官刺激,特別將一些電子聲韻以及合成樂效果融入其中,缺少不了管弦樂團提升氣勢磅礡的音場,娛樂性十足的電影,拱出絕對繽紛的奇情配樂,史上最強的作惡聯盟即將開戰、全面使壞!

Track Listings

1 Task Force X
2 Arkham Asylum
3 I'm Going to Figure This Out
4 You Make My Teeth Hurt
5 I Want to Assemble a Task Force
6 Brother Our Time Has Come
7 A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards
8 A Killer App
9 That's How I Cut and Run
10 We Got a Job to Do
11 You Die We Die
12 Harley and Joker
13 This Bird Is Baked
14 Hey Craziness
15 You Need a Miracle
16 Diablo's Story
17 The Squad
18 Are We Friends or Are We Foes?
19 She's Behind You
20 One Bullet Is All I Need
21 I Thought I'd Killed You
22 The Worst of the Worst

Release Date: 8 Aug 2016


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