V6 Can't Get Enough/Hanahirake Type A (CD+DVD) (TW) 2017

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Those who can't get enough of V6 are in luck because the popular Johnny's group's first release of 2017 is a double A-side single. Get the best of both worlds with the cool dance track Can't Get Enough and the joyful pop number Hanahirake, both of which are CM songs.

This edition comes with a DVD containing the Can't Get Enough music video and making-of video.

V6在成軍的第22個年頭推出全新雙A面單曲《Can't Get Enough/花開吧》。此張單曲為他們的第47張單曲。

〈Can't Get Enough〉意即「無法感到滿足」,從歌名就能感受出此曲風格與以往的V6有所不同,配上洗練的舞曲曲調,呈現出與眾不同的氛圍。此曲亦為日本7 net春季廣告活動主題曲;〈花開吧〉則為V6的王道應援歌曲,開朗的曲調與積極正面的歌詞,讓聽眾不經意地跟著笑容滿盈。

台壓同時推出初回限定版A(CD+DVD)、初回限定版B(CD+DVD)及普通版(CD ONLY),封面皆不同。

初回限定版A之DVD收錄〈Can't Get Enough〉音樂錄影帶及拍攝花絮,除了欣賞團員精心練習的舞步外,還可一窺拍攝時的光景!



  1. Can’t Get Enough
  2. 花開吧



  1. Can’t Get Enough [音樂錄影帶]
  2. Can’t Get Enough [音樂錄影帶&封面拍攝花絮]


Release Date: 15 Mar 2017

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